About Me


I was borned and raised in the southern regions of Chile. I received my undergrad studies in Applied Physics at the Universtiy of Santiago in 2015. In 2016 I joined the graduate program in Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah where I obtained my milestone master in Physics & Astronomy and now I am a Ph.D. candidate in the same institution.

Research Interests:

I am particulary interested in the center of galaxies and their conection to AGN actretion, specially at low-lumiosities, and also the fomation and evolution of nearby galaxies.

Publications: ADS link!


Surprisingly Strong K-band Emission Found in Low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
In this project we study the near-infrared (NIR) emission in 15 local LLAGNs using high resolution NIR Gemini/NIFS Integral Field Unit (IFU) adaptive optics data. We found an excess of NIR to X-ray emission at low-acreation rates, challenging the standar model of AGN acreation, and encouraging the usage of NIR for AGN tracers at low-luminosities specially looking at the future with JWST.
Here you can see my talk,for the SMBH conference in Pucon, Chile in Dec. 2020 and the link to the paper!.

Revealing the accretion history of Centaurus A through its surviving nuclear star clusters
The goal of my current research is to identify stripped nuclei in CenA through dynamical mass measurements of globular clusters (GCs). These measurements can reveal the presence of SMBHs that are present in stripped nuclei, which are the remnants of galaxies whose outer parts were stripped through tidal interactions with CenA.




Atmospheric ballon launch video in the west dessert of Utah.

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